One thought on “Julian Assange sings :)”

  1. Hi, I just found your youtube channel, actually I am certain I have seen it before but didnt sub, dont know why. Anyway, I am sub-ed now! Really liked a couple of your videos so far.
    The Julian Assange, if he is alive or not, well to me if he has not been seen in the window I don’t believe it, he is missing or dead till he is seen in person. I dont understand why some large “Alt-Media” group dont see if they cant visit. For me it would have to be some place like Infowars. They should be “Big” enough to get in and if they lie or cover up and it comes out it would ruin them, so they have something to loose.

    Oh why I am writing, I was looking for your twitter name, do you have a public one? if so please let me know what it is.

    BTW: New Zealand used to be one country I would love to see. I say used to be because I became badly crippled. before that my “dream” was to get a sailboat and see the world. I had always planned on making my way to New Zealand as one of my first stops. Just looks like a really beautiful country!



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