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  1. Hey Ed,

    Robert Sams here, you’ve probably seen me comment on a lot of your videos. I’m a big admirer of your work. I have spent years and years researching the topic of conspiracy (especially 9/11, and the wars and histories of wars, the scam that is our money system, etc.)

    I am about to start a channel educating people on conspiracy theories JUST enough to hopefully make them go research on their own, and wanted to ask if you, if you think my content is good, would you mind giving me some feedback once they’re up? I’m still buying equipment and getting my setup ready, but I’m going to start soon.

    1. Thanks heaps!! Yes, I am a big 911 truther – I in fact, got to meet Richard Gage when he came to new zealand, and talk to him. He is a great guy. Although only got to talk with him for a few minutes. Got to shake his hand though, back in 2008. I was one of the people who handed out flyers! 911 leaks could be coming soon – maybe from wikileaks, although I don’t know :/

      1. Ed’ names Krystal. I think I know what all that puzzle stuff might mean with the count down and cicada and the “A Fludd approaches” ect… I will contact you by email very soon and explain why I think I know what it means and goodness I hope I’m wrong. If you cant wait on my email I posted a comment on one of your youtube videos relevant to this subject. BTW Your newest video that you uploaded to youtube today 3/16/2017 cannot be viewed for some reason. P.S. wormwood?????????

    1. I’m just not sure if that sounds like him either – but you should send this to the FBI – or someone who can do a voice analysis. I will take a few more looks at this. Thank you for sending me this info. Your right, this is horrible. Just watched and listened to it :/

  2. Hey I sent you a message on twitter, and would like to discuss some findings of mine in private. It involves pizzagate. I’m trying to get as much help as I can in private. Reason is because I’ve been focusing elsewhere in pizzagate where not many are focusing on. I wish to keep it quiet because it’s easier to investigate without people popping around and making searches harder.
    If you can’t I understand completely. Just trying to find good sources and see if anyone can understand my findings because some of it is really strange and my knowledge of this all is limited.
    But if you can the message is from @GhostFeig

    1. Okay, let me just update this tonight – I will put an email address so you can contact me privately πŸ˜€ I don’t want to post my email address here, because of bots :/ I will reply to you on twitter πŸ™‚

  3. Exactly. Is there a ways to contact you privately about stuff that certainly is not to be put in the “comment” box on a page of this sort

    1. Its going to come very soon πŸ™‚ I am going to set up a contact page. I apologize for my latest on this. So much happening right now :/

  4. I’d like to see you make a video on david bowie’s BLACKSTAR music video. Also, Alan Moore’s THE WATCHMEN seems relevant today. It covers billionaires in secret bases in antarctica, the doomsday clock, false flags in manhatten, alien invasion plus the concept “Who watches the watchmen?” dont ever lose the accent. cheers

    1. yes, you are 100% I think that is what they are saying. Although – I do not know much about the site. I am just keeping an open mind. At the moment, wikileaks, put a message, in their file system – which eludes to the fact, we are being trolled. Have a look at my last video πŸ™‚

  5. Ed, I noticed you we’re on Tracy D. Channel, I believe she was strongly encouraged to seek another hobby, by very inflencial people, hence her total withdrawal from all social media. Let me know what you think.

    1. I don’t really know. I can’t speak for her. But I wish her good luck. I hear her family is unwell :/ that is sad to hear. I am moving away from Vault 7 research as well – check out my latest video for the reason why πŸ™‚


    Hey ED, thought u should know that they dont put tissue from aborted fetuses in pepsi. They clone the stem cells from the kidneys of an aborted fetus and thats what they put in processed foods. Is it a coincidence that soda causes diabetes and kidney failure and that it also contains kidney stemcells. Well i guess you’ll have to decide for yourself. Lol. Keep up the good work

    1. yeah, I caught that also – in my video editing software – not sure what that meant – the needle images, is too blurry to make any any numbers – Look channel videos have all been deleted though – so even if it was a reality game or something more, we can’t play no longer lol

  7. Ed and anyone else. Check this out if you haven’t seen it yet.

    You do absolutely amazing work Ed. Consice, to the point, easy to follow. My wife is very much the type of person that wants the facts and in a quick executive summary. Of all the channels I learn from I use your videos to give her what can bring her mostly up to speed in a very short time.
    Keep up the Great work.

  8. That look channel is up again with a new video, but the old videos arn’t there anymore. Not sure if it’s the same guy, but it looks similar.

  9. Hi Ed, Great job you do on all you’re videos. I was hoping you would take a look at Oroville Dam in California. They recently evacuated 200,000 people but said Thursday they could return home. Over the next week, the Oroville area is supposed to receive 5 to 11 inches of rain plus snow pack melt. How will the dam hold, endangering over a million lives? Not many are talking about this possible disaster. Do you believe Governor Jerry Brown will use this as part of the Calexit strategy if the dam fails. Thank you

  10. I hope and pray you are right about Julian Assange, but I truly fear you are not. I guess you listened to/read the page at 50 shades of abuse?

  11. Hello Ed TheOutherDark. I like your work you, keep up the good work exposing the evil. Anyways on your video “5 Reasons Vatican run by Reptilians” I like this video, it exposes the evil catholic system. I too like exposing the evil vatican on my youtube channel “Providence”. I would like to ask you permission to upload your video onto my channel. Just that 1 video “5 Reasons Vatican run by Reptilians” and i will make sure to give you full credit for the video and also post a link to your channel. I also dont monetize any of my videos. They are all just for educational purposes. Anyways let me know your answer, thanks.

  12. Satanists believe their time is coming, there is a government “Messiah Program”, and a coming event to trigger it all. Many points for you to research, I will have a book out in the next 2 years about this. Research. Dollores Cannon “The Nostradsmus Prophecies”, Schumanns Resonannce, remote neural monitoring, John St. Claire Akwei vs. The NSA, look at David Ickes video on ” The Astral Net”, type in these key words at YouTube “remote neural monitoring, educational, reverse scripting, subliminsl scripting, ” type them all together to find a video by Dante, then type in “Schumanns Resonnance, Satanism and Enlightenment What they all have in common”. I would give you more, but I hsve s book to do. You are a good researcher, I bring this material up with you for a reason. So who is the “anti christ”? Loved the Vatican video you did, sent an email to David Icke pointing out your channel…..There is a single individual behind controlling the Vatican, corrupt polliticians around the world, best regards, Steve

  13. PS I would like you to review my book before it comes it out, it will be in next 2 years. Start researching……Yes believe it or not the subjects conenct….I connect the dots for you in a year or two…Steve

  14. Hi Ed. Masons feature prominently in Australian politics ie 1st pm .pms residence being called the lodge is probably not coincidence , whats your take on julia gillard being associated with order of the eastern star, the infamous mason handshake swearing in and the likely possibility that tony abbott is a mason. my big question being do you think its possible that despite showing public disaffection they actually colluded to give 460 million aud tax payer dollars to the human trafficking oh er sorry clinton foundation which our dear julia went on to chair? maybe you could do a utube vid on mason in oz politics. Thanks

  15. Not a lead, but a suggestion – consider posting your work on BitChute. And also, thanks for making so many great videos, Ed. Your channel is addictive. That said, I look forward to The Outer Light. I can see how burdening this stuff gets. I sometimes refresh my spirit with a video called “A Good Day” with Brother David Steindl-Rast πŸ™‚ Cheers

  16. Hi Ed,
    Have you been watching the George Webb series? Or Clif High? Tons of infoto dissect!
    I understand needing to take a break now & then. Sometimes I dream of a cabin in the mountains, buried deep in the woods, far away from society. My bf & I looked at relocating to NZ, but I had to back out. I’d love to visit some day though.
    Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoy you videos & ask if you’re on Twitter. Would love to follow, if so.
    Take Care & don’t forget V7 @ 9a.m.. πŸ™‚
    Melissa (Need4Truth)

  17. Hi ED,

    Check out these Antarctica coordinates on google earth. These seem to be half uncovered saucer shaped objects. Credit to SecureTeam10 you didnt mention them in your video.

    74Β°38’20.96″S 164Β°31’54.07″E
    66Β°16’24.07″S 100Β°59’2.76″E

  18. Long time viewer, first time commenter. More 7s.

    March 7, 1774, 7:07:07 am
    Timezone: America/New_York

    Sometimes we Americans focus just on the US. However, I think it does pertain to a US event based on the time zone selected. Boston Tea Party?

    7:07:07 am – The 7’s roll on my brother. My thought is perhaps the Babylon mystery religions/occult/Masonic meets Vault 7? Perhaps a grand disclosure?

  19. 7’s arrive.. March 7, 1774 was the second Boston Tea Party. Why that second date as opposed to the original date? The March 7th date was a smaller less successful raid. However, this second event caused the following:

    “The Boston Port Act (the Trade Act 1774) is an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain [1] which became law on March 25,[2] 1774, and is one of the measures (variously called the Intolerable Acts, the Punitive Acts or the Coercive Acts) that were designed to secure Great Britain’s jurisdictions over her American dominions.

    The Act was a response to the Boston Tea Party. King George III’s speech of 7 March 1774 charged the colonists with attempting to injure British commerce and subvert the Constitution…” (wikipedia)

    March 7, 1774 is also the day the British closed the port of Boston to all commerce.

    If you go back in time, the throwing of the tea into the sea was commonly referred to as an oblation to Neptune. An offering to the Roman sea God.

    Was it the arrival of British ships to block the port? Perhaps this was one action along the path where Cicada 3301 is leading us. Maybe more to come on the Babylon religions, survival of Rome ideals through history?

    Why reference that second more obscure Boston Tea Party? Maybe I’m looking at the wrong event for that day?

    Just throwing some ideas out there. Take care

  20. Last post today, unless something else comes up lol. I researched the date of March 7, 1774 using the US Library of Congress digitized newspaper search function. It goes back as far as 1789. I thought it might give additional events for that day in history. The references primarily point to the closure of the Boston port by Britain on that day.

    I’m leaning toward the second Boston Tea Part being a coincidental occurrence on that day. Maybe the arrival of the British to close the port on that day is the primary date note?

  21. Rolling on here… Buried in the HTML code on view-source: is the following statement:

    content=”Davison Numan”

    That correlates to the following, albeit with a slightly different spelling:

    On March 7, 1774, at a second Boston Tea Party, 16 chests of fine tea from tea merchants, Davison Newman & Co. Ltd. of London, were also dumped in the harbor in defiance of British policies.

  22. Hey Ed,

    Might be a stretch, but this jumped out at me as soon as I read the clue.
    In relation to the Cicada 3301 clue that states “A Fludd approaches. Chart the stars. A chord of would WARMS my I.”
    This seems to be referring to Niburu.
    Obviously in the sky as in chart the stars.
    A chord of would WARMS my I. There is text in the Bible that references Wormwood, which is the biblical name for the current Nibiru/Nemisis topic. The “chord” implies that would should be WOOD (as in cord of wood). WARMS = WORM.
    A Fludd approaches may reference the great flood during the time of Noah, which is believed to coincide with the last passing of Wormwood/Nibiru.
    Wormwood came and caused the flood, and theory is that it’s time has come again.
    Could this be a warning?


  23. Ed,

    So the 7’s website changed again. I was marching through the puzzle. Then it dawned on me. It’s really way to easy. I went back to the cicada website. I found a couple misspellings. Simple backwards masking, PI=3/14 the day, basic clock cipher… we’re getting trolled.

    Game over on the Cicada puzzle. It was fun while it lasted.


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  25. Hey ED!

    Look at “PocketsoftheFuture” Page on Youtube if you don’t know him already, Im sure you do..

    Look up this video…

    “Beyonce’s is not Oshun But Illuminati Mother 2017 Performance is an Egyptian Goddess”
    @4:39 he mentions “YORUBA”

    Just like the Recent BackMasking Discovery made recently on the weird website with the CICADA…

    ANYWAY….When the Backmasking is speaking he says EUROPA….Sounds exactly similar to YORUBA…..HMMMMMMM…..Listen to how pockets of the future says it then go from there! intense!

  26. While I still think we’re being played on the Cicada puzzle, here’s another 7. The web address is 7 prime numbers, in a row, starting with 7:

    7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29

    I haven’t heard much chatter about that second Boston Tea Party and the Port closure, or the Davison Newman. Perhaps it’s because that website version was only up for a short time before it changed.

  27. Hi Ed,

    A couple of thoughts that you may find interesting on one of the latest releases:

    The quote “Ursa Major will bite the triumphant hand which feeds it, while the sloth of May decays in the garden of Europa.”

    Firstly, the sloth of May. I don’t know what your knowledge of UK politics is, but our current prime minister is Theresa May, and due to the Brexit negotiations we are about to leave Europe, and hence decay in its garden, as it’s widely thought that the UK will be FAR worse off out of Europe than in it. Thus her sloth (laziness) will have wide-ranging implications for us, and Europe as a whole. Before she became PM, she was known to be pro-remain, but since becoming PM she is now orchestrating our plans to leave.

    Secondly, Ursa Major is The Great Bear. As I understand it, Russia has always been known as the Bear, or Great Bear.

    Thirdly, “a lion will open the gates of hell” – during the medieval period, Mount Etna on Sicily was considered to be the entryway to Hell. Mount Etna exploded on 16th March this year, so that would also seem to tie in with the message.

    Hope this helps. I have no idea what it may mean, but wanted to throw it out there in case it helps you to put some pieces together.

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  29. Hello, I’m writing for the sake of getting out a small contribution. The runes that are in the latest Cicade3301 puzzle are all Ancient Turkish Runes or Old Turkic Alphabet, dating back to 150-200 B.C. The nickname they chose Tengri137, Tengri means “God” in the old Turkic language. I’m not sure if this will give some insight or lead to a further clue, but I hope it will be of help in one way or another.

  30. Hi ED, Thought you might be interested in this connection, part of a reply to nazra7 on your Outer Dark 7 Reasons youtube video … In addition to the connection with primes and the number 7 see 1/Ξ± β‰ˆ 157 βˆ’ 337ρ/7 β‰ˆ 137.035 999 168,
    with the prime constant ρ β‰ˆ 0.414 682 509 851 111.

    Sherbon, M.A. “Wolfgang Pauli and the Fine-Structure Constant,” Journal of Science, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp.148-154 (2012).ο»Ώ

  31. I have been following you for a while now. Everything is always very poignant and interesting but nothing actually relevant to me had been revealed until the cicada 3301 puzzle.

    I think people were stuck after the LC brand pyramid you showed. I wrote a comment to you but I know you get lots of comments. I grew up less than a mile away from that pyramid and there is something awfully strange about it it’s location and the man Leslie Coombs brand that is buried there. he is also the man who built the Masonic temple on Brand Boulevard in Glendale California recently the building went up for sale. I mention mr. Brand because I believe he is related to Harry Combs, who is the developer for the Denver International Airport. His son Julian tried to tell me about it back in 2008 but I wasn’t having any of it. This may actually be a link I’m not sure but I got a very strong feeling about this

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