#PizzaGate Busts since Trump took power / Post Jan 20th – a timeline

One thing is, there seems to be a movement, with regards to an opening up of child trafficking and busts. Very interesting to see the busts, after the current political change in the United States. A post by a Reddit user, below, charts the progress, and I thought it was really interesting. It is also very interesting, that just after Trump’s attorney general was confirmed, Trump signed an executive order, to put into effect a plane, to stop human trafficking. From Reddit:

The_Donald censored this post. A collection of sex-ring busts that have happened since Trump took office. from conspiracy

What is Vault7 #Vault7

Recently I made a video about Vault 7, and what it could possibility mean. My main hypothesis is being, that it has something to do with the Vault7, upcoming leaks, or potential leaks, as being eluded to by Wikilleaks. It could of course, be anything. But some food for thought 🙂