Tengri 137 most likely a Psy-op by Mossad and I have had to change my email

hi everyone –

I have had to change my email – it just seems email is not getting through – I went with a recommendation of one my subs – it is supposed to be highly secure:  ( theouterdark  AT   tutanota DOT com ) – I will of course, keep checking my other mail for a while longer between the switch – but don’t get much mail to that address -at my new address, you can send me anything 🙂 –


Tengri 137

If there are only a few magic cubes, known to mathematics? That all add up perfectly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_magic_cube

Then Tengri 137 has just added a large number more:


#PizzaGate Busts since Trump took power / Post Jan 20th – a timeline

One thing is, there seems to be a movement, with regards to an opening up of child trafficking and busts. Very interesting to see the busts, after the current political change in the United States. A post by a Reddit user, below, charts the progress, and I thought it was really interesting. It is also very interesting, that just after Trump’s attorney general was confirmed, Trump signed an executive order, to put into effect a plane, to stop human trafficking. From Reddit:

The_Donald censored this post. A collection of sex-ring busts that have happened since Trump took office. from conspiracy